Gamma Rainbow

감마선을 쏴대는 번개를 동반한 무시무시한 뇌우가 지나가고, 무지개. After the scary thunderstorm with gamma-ray emitting lightning, a rainbow. Dopo la spaventosa tempesta con lampi che emettevano raggi gamma, un arcobaleno.

6 thoughts on “Gamma Rainbow

    • 🙂 Using the definite article instead of the indefinite article “un” is correct! Now, the definite article to use with the noun “arcobaleno” is “lo” (male, singular) BUT because the noun starts with a vowel, we drop the vowel of the article, thus making it l’arcobaleno.

      But to answer the question… “Non c’e’ un’arcobaleno nella foto!” “There is no rainbow in the picture! 🙂

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